Sunday, January 31, 2016

Using the Index in Windows 10

If you've upgraded or purchased a computer with Windows 10, you probably haven’t found all the changes to the Start menu. Check out the new Index.

First click the Start button, and then click “All Apps” (no longer “All Programs”).  

You will see a list of all the apps loaded on your computer in ABC order. (Note: The first time, you might only see a blank section. Just click in the blank section to bring up the index or app list.)

When you see the list of apps, just click on the “&” at the top of the screen, OR simply click the letter at the top of the list to view the index.

When the Index appears, click on the letter to view the list that begins with the selected letter.  For example: To open the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, click the letter “M” and then click the app name.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Copy and Paste Subtotal Rows to Another Location

Back in August 2015 I did a Helpful Hint on how to shade the subtotal rows, all at the same time, but I recently was asked if you could take only the subtotal rows, copy/paste them elsewhere.  Yes you can, using the same technique.
1.      Once you’ve applied subtotals, click on the “2” to view only the subtotals.
2.      Click in a cell containing a subtotal.
3.      Press Ctrl+a to select all.
4.      Press Alt+: (colon) to only select the subtotals and not the supporting data rows.
5.      Press Ctrl+c to copy the subtotal rows.
6.      Go to where you want to place the subtotals, click in the first cell.

7.      Press Ctrl+v to paste the subtotal rows!