Sunday, April 1, 2012

Useful Function Keys in Internet Explorer and Firefox

The "Function Keys" are located at the top of your keyboard (F1, F2, etc).  If you accidentally tap a function key, you might be surprised at what happens when you are on the internet using Internet Explorer or Firefox.  Some of these keys "toggle", meaning you click it once to apply the option and click it again to turn it off.  If the key doesn't toggle, just click your mouse in a different section of the window or click the "X" to close it.
Listed below are the keys and their function and which browser uses it:
  • F1 - Help (IE)
  • F3 - Find - type in the Find box to find a word on the current webpage. (IE)
  • F4 - Selects Address Bar and shows history (IE)
  • F5 - Refreshes webpage (IE and Firefox)
  • F6 - Selects Address Bar only (IE)
  • F7 - Turns Caret Browsing on and off.  This feature puts a moveable cursor in the webpage so that you can select text using the keyboard (shift + arrow keys) instead of selecting with the mouse. (IE)
  • F10 - Selects or displays the menu bar if it is not showing. (IE and Firefox)
  • F11 - Makes the view Full Screen and hides the address bar.  Press F11 again to turn it off.  (IE and Firefox)