Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shortcut to Save a Website in your Browser

Saving a website as a "Favorite" in Internet Explorer or "Bookmark" in Google Chrome or Firefox is easy!

  1. While viewing a website from one of the 3 browsers listed above press Ctrl+D
    (press and hold the Ctrl key, while you tap the D key and then release both keys.)
  2. The dialog box will open with the website information.  In Internet Explorer, click the Add button and in Google Chrome or Firefox, click Done.
You have now saved the website for future access. To view your Favorites or Bookmarks, follow the steps for your specific browser:
  • Internet Explorer - Click the Favorites icon (gold star) or Favorites menu or button.  Click on the website name in the Favorites list.
  • Google Chrome - Click the icon to Customize and control Google Chrome (3-bar icon on the far right at the top of the browser.)  Select Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks Bar to display a bar containing your bookmarks at the top of the browser or just select the website in the menu under Bookmarks.
  • Firefox - Click the Star icon in the top right corner of the browser and then select the website from the bookmarks list.  You can also click the Firefox box in the top left corner and then click Bookmarks.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pin a Folder to Windows Explorer (Windows 7)

This tip is for Windows 7 only:
Do you have a folder that you access frequently?  Why not "pin" it to Windows Explorer for quick access!
Windows Explorer is the directory for all files and folders available to you on your computer.

This is the Windows Explorer icon which appears on the Taskbar in Windows 7:

Right-click the Windows Explorer icon.  If the folder that you use frequently, is listed, hover the mouse over the folder name and click the push-pin icon to pin the folder to the list. The folder name will move from the Recent section to the Pinned section at the top. This will keep the "pinned" folder available at all times.  If there is a folder in the list that you don't want to see, right-click the folder and select "Remove from this list". 

If the folder you want to pin is not displayed in the list, follow the steps below to "pin" the folder to Windows Explorer.

  1. Open the current location of the folder you'd like to pin to the Windows Explorer icon.
  2. Click and drag the folder name to the Windows Explorer icon on the taskbar.
  3. Release the mouse.  You should now see the folder in the Pinned section when you right-click on the Windows Explorer icon.