Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Copy and Paste Subtotal Rows to Another Location

Back in August 2015 I did a Helpful Hint on how to shade the subtotal rows, all at the same time, but I recently was asked if you could take only the subtotal rows, copy/paste them elsewhere.  Yes you can, using the same technique.
1.      Once you’ve applied subtotals, click on the “2” to view only the subtotals.
2.      Click in a cell containing a subtotal.
3.      Press Ctrl+a to select all.
4.      Press Alt+: (colon) to only select the subtotals and not the supporting data rows.
5.      Press Ctrl+c to copy the subtotal rows.
6.      Go to where you want to place the subtotals, click in the first cell.

7.      Press Ctrl+v to paste the subtotal rows!

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