Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Excel Users – here’s a cool feature for pasting rows or columns of data into a spreadsheet that already contains data, without overwriting the existing data …

1.  Select the rows or columns of data you wish to cut or copy.

2.  Cut or copy the data (press Ctrl+x to cut, Ctrl+c to copy or right-click on the selected data and click CUT or COPY).

3.  Click on the cell, row, or column heading where you want to paste the data.

4.  Right-click on the cell, row, or column heading and click “Insert Cut/Copied Cells”.

5.  If you selected an entire row or column, the existing data will shift and insert the cut/copied data.  If you did not select the entire row/column, but just specific cells, you might see a dialog box asking you how to shift the existing data if there is surrounding data that wasn’t originally selected.