Sunday, May 1, 2011

QR Codes & Smart Phones

Quick Response Codes are the latest technology rage!  Learn more about creating your own QR Codes and scanning with your Smart Phone.
About QR Codes
QR Codes are bar codes that can store phone numbers, URL's, email addresses and much more alphanumeric data.  They are internationally standardized.  These codes are similar to the bar codes that you see on products for scanning prices; however QR codes hold a lot more information.  These codes can store up to 4296 characters!

Smart Phones (cell phones that can access the internet) have free apps that can scan QR Codes.  If your Smart Phone doesn’t have a QR scanner, search for “qr code scanner” from your Smart Phone Market place.  I like the free app, Quick Mark.  You can download it from .
Create QR Codes
Want to create your own QR code?  Go to  to create QR codes for free!  It’s easy…

1.       Select the type of QR code to make.

2.       Complete the required Content information.

3.       Click “Download this image” (found under the QR Code preview)

4.       Click Save (IE 8) or Save As (IE 9) and choose a Save location.  Note: In Internet Explorer version 9, click the down arrow next to Save to select Save As, otherwise the file goes to the default Download folder.
Use your QR Code
Insert your QR Code like you would insert a picture.  Add it to an email, Word document, or any other program that allows pictures. 
Advantage of QR Codes over Hyperlinks
QR Codes can be added to print material.  Anyone with a Smart Phone can quickly access the information in the QR code.

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