Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to make a document READ-ONLY

Prevent someone from accidentally changing your Word or WordPad document…

Make the document READ-ONLY
If you set the attributes of a document to READ-ONLY, when you open the document, the Title bar (at the top of the window) will show the name of the document along with the words [READ-ONLY].

This means you can make changes, but when you go to save the document, the program will require you to save the file with a new name or location to prevent over-writing the original document.

Of course if you really want to change the original document, just remove the READ-ONLY property BEFORE you open the file.

Here’s how to make a document READ-ONLY:
1.    Locate the file but DO NOT OPEN IT.
2.    Right-click on the file name.
3.    Click PROPERTIES.
4.    On the GENERAL tab, click the check-box for READ-ONLY.
      5.    Click OK.

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