Sunday, August 1, 2010

Click & Drag: Move or Copy?

When you click & drag a file from one location to another, have you noticed that sometimes the file “moves” to the new location and sometimes a “copy” is created and the original stays in place?

It’s really not a mystery why this happens…it depends on where you drag the file.

• If you drag the file to a location on the same drive, the file moves.
• If you drag the file to a different drive, a copy is created.

For example, if you drag a file from your computer’s hard drive (C:) to a USB flash drive, a copy is created. But if you drag that same file on your hard drive to a different folder on your hard drive, the file moves to the new location.

But what if you want to create a copy when the computer wants to move the file, or you want to move a file when the computer wants to copy the file? Remember to do 1 thing before you drag, and you will have complete control over the outcome:

RIGHT-CLICK & DRAG THE FILE (instead of left-click & drag).  When you release the mouse, a menu displays for you to select MOVE HERE or COPY HERE.

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