Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Keyboard shortcuts save you time – no need to use your mouse!

To use the following key combinations, press and hold the Control key on your keyboard while you press the letter key & then release all keys immediately. Do not hold down the letter key.
5 Microsoft Windows Shortcuts:
  • Ctrl+a – selects all
  • Ctrl+c – copies what you have selected
  • Ctrl+v – pastes what you have copied
  • Ctrl+p – opens the printer window
  • Ctrl+s – saves your changes

10 Microsoft Word & Excel Shortcuts:  
  • Ctrl+n - creates a new document or workbook
  • Ctrl+Home (key) - moves the cursor/cell selection to the the beginning of the document or spreadsheet
  • Ctrl+End (key) - moves the cursor/cell selection to the end of the document or spreadsheet
  • Ctrl+f - opens the Find window to find data within the document or spreadsheet
  • F7 (function key) - opens Spell Check
  • Ctrl+e - centers the selected paragraph (Word only)
  • Ctrl+enter (key)- creates a page break (Word only)
  • Shift+enter (key)- moves cursor to next line without creating a new paragraph (Word only)
  • Ctrl+; (semi-colon) - inserts today's date (Excel only)
  • Ctrl+1 (number one) - opens the Format Cells window in Excel; changes line spacing of selection to single spacing in Word.

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